Thursday, August 9, 2018

Under the Sea Fishing!

For our last week of underwater fun, we went fishing!

We read:

Underwater Doggies 1, 2, 3, by Seth Casteel

Finding Dory, Finding Nemo: Two Fishy Tales, by Andrea Posner-Sanchez

Commotion in the Ocean, by Giles Andreae

Swap! by Steve Light

Dinosailors, by Deb Lund

Baby Whale's Journey, by Jonathan London

We didn't make a craft this week - we went fishing!


- Kiddie pool
- water
- butterfly nets/fishing nets
- water toys / diving toys / finger puppets (plastic)
- sponges

We had a great time fishing this week! We hauled in whales, seahorses, octopuses, dolphins, sharks, and many many more fabulous creatures of the deep blue sea!

As we catch up on some old blogs, keep an eye out for our Summer Reading Program updates.

We're a little over halfway through the summer - don't forget to bring in your reading logs!