Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mystery Book Club - This Fallen Prey discussion questions

Our Mystery Book Club recently read This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong. Here are some of the questions we discussed. If you've read the book and/or series, please feel free to share your thoughts! 


If you haven't read the book, the some of the questions will spoil key plot points. Read at your own risk! 
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1. Did you enjoy the book? How did it compare to others in the series (if you've read them)? 
2. What surprised you the most in this book?  
3. There is mention in this book about the killer from the previous novel, who was "left in a hole to die". Do you think we'll ever hear from him again? Would he succumb to starvation, or end his own life? 
4. This Fallen Prey revolves around the suspected killer trying to weave a web of doubt and sympathy, proclaiming his innocence again and again. Did you believe Brady was innocent? Was there a turning point that changed your mind? 
5. Discuss the character of Gregory Wallace. Did you believe his story, or were you suspicious of him? 
6. We saw a lot more of the wilderness in this book than the previous two, as well as more interactions with the Settlers, and our first real look at the Hostiles. What were your impressions of these groups?
7. What do you think of the possibility that the Council is doing something (or has done something) to cause the Hostiles to go mad?
8. There was mention in the book about the First Settlers aging out, and the worry of younger generations becoming covetous of the resources that Rockton has. We saw a little bit of that with Harper and her interest in Storm. Do you think it will become a problem in future novels?
9. Discuss the character of Harper. What do you think will become of her?
10. Discuss the character of Val. Were you surprised at the ending? Do you think Casey made the right choice - was there even another choice?
11. Do you think it's a good idea for Casey and Mathias to keep the wolf cub and try to "train it"? What would you have done?
12. Discuss the character of Phil. How do you see him "fitting in" in Rockton?
13. Casey and Dalton's relationship continues to progress, and they are making plans for a future "home" like Rockton. Do you think they will succeed in that, or would the Council try to stop them?
14. There seems to be more to Petra than meets the eye. Someone ordered the murder of Brady. Do you think it was the Council? Or someone else in Rockton?
15. The story ends with the possibility of Casey's sister joining them in Rockton. Given what little we know about Casey's family, how do you think that reunion will go? Will she have to stay in Rockton, or will the Council let her leave?

Any other thoughts on this book, or the rest in the Rockton series? Comment and let us know.

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