Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Week 1 7-8: Superheroes!

Week 1
Ages 7-8


Dylan the Villain by K.G. Campbell
What a fun book! The kids thought this book was pretty great. We practiced our evil laughs while reading this book. It was a nice change to what you would normally expect to read in a superhero themed storytime. 

Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero by Anne Cottringer
This was another good book. It had lots of different characters and was packed with humor! It went along nicely as a contrasting book to Dylan the Villain. 

The final book we read was The Day I Lost My Superpowers by Kris Di Giamcomo and Micheal Escoffier. This was a fun book about imagining that you have superpowers and that other people in your family might have superpowers too. 

Craft: Superhero Masks

Materials: Foam paper, elastic string, scissors, markers, and stickers!
To make this craft I traced a mask template on the foam paper for all the kids. They them had to cut out the mask and decorate it. I used the elastic string to ensure that it stayed on their heads. I cut to holes on each side of that mask that tied the string on. This was a fun craft it was great to see all the different masks that came out of it! 


We played a game called Superhero VS Villains. To play this game I had two children in the middle who would be the villains and the rest of the kids would be the superheroes. The villains were trying to tag the superheroes which would then turn the heroes into villains. There was a start and end line. If a superhero got tagged before they reached the end line that is when they would become a villain. In order to begin a round the villains must yell "SUPER, SUPER, VILLAIN, VILLIAIN!" The superhero who got tagged last would become the starting villain for the next round. 


Carrots, and apples.