Thursday, August 24, 2017

Week 8: Celebrate Canada! Ages 9-12

Week 8
Ages 9-12
Celebrate Canada
What an amazing summer! We shared so many laughs together.
To wrap things up we did some fun activities.

Today we made a God's eye craft!
Yarn, 2 Popsicle sticks per child, a hot glue gun, and decals if desired!
How to make:
Here's a great link that gives you a step by step visual!
God's eye instructions 
I brought out diamond decals and different flowers etc.. the kids came up with really creative designs with the decals which added to the fun of this craft! The children were quite impressed with their designs!

After completing our craft, we made paper airplanes. We went outside to have a paper airplane race! It was a fun last day activity.
After our airplane contest we went inside to have some cupcakes, and to read a few books.
The first book we read was "M is for Maple" by Mike Ulmer. This was a great book with lots of different facts about Canada! The kids were very interested in the history of Canada.
We ended the class with three Robert Munsch books!
The first Munsch book we read was "Braids" the kids were laughing out loud when I read this book.
The second book we read by Robert Munsch was "It's MY Room" this book featured a very special surprise at the end that got lots of laughs. 
The final Munsch book we read was "Ribbon Rescue" this was a nice story about kindness.