Friday, August 25, 2017

Week 8: Celebrate Canada Ages 7-8

Week 8
Celebrate Canada!
Ages 7-8
I can't believe the summer's already over! Where has the time gone? 
This week I thought we would finish off the program by reading some fun books by a favorite Canadian author!
The first book we read was "Braids" by Robert Munsch, the kids loved this book, it was quite humorous!
The second book we read was "It's MY Room!" this was another book written by Munsch.

Paper-bag Kite 
Materials needed: 
Paper-bag, stickers, string, glue, markers, scissors and streamers.
How to make:
1. Decorate your paper-bag with stickers, and markers
2. Once finished decorating glue streamers onto the edge of the opening of your bag so they are hanging out.
3. Staple a string to the bottom of your paper-bag
4. Go outside and hang on to the string and run with your kite. 

We went outside to run with our kites! It was quite fun the kids came up with different imaginative play to play with their kites, they were even pretending they were astronauts!  
We ended the program with eating celebratory cupcakes!