Thursday, August 24, 2017

Week 8: Celebrate Canada Ages 2-6

Ages 2-6
Week 8
Celebrate Canada
Where did the time go? What an incredible summer! 
This week we wrapped things up with a fun packed Canadian themed program! 
The first book we read was "Rocky Mountain ABCs" by Jocey Asnong. This was a great book to end the program with! It features so many beautiful Canadian destinations. 
The second book we read was "Goodnight Canada" by Andrea Beck. This was a fun book with lots of silly animals. There was lots of things for children to spot on every page!

Ice-cream Flavors: 
How to play: 
Have the kids think of their favorite flavor of ice-cream(in their head). Call out various flavours of ice-cream. If you call a child's favorite flavor they must run to the other side without being tagged, if they are tagged they must join you in the middle. 
We also played "red light,green light", and "what time is it Mr.Wolf?". 

Maple Leaf Tissue Paper Art 
 Assorted colors of tissue paper chopped into small squares, glue, a template of a 
Canadian maple leaf. 
1. Place glue on the inside of your maple leaf
2. Crumple up tissue paper and place it on to glue so it the tissue paper sticks on the  maple leaf
4. Cover all the white of the maple leaf with tissue paper.

To end our final program together we ate celebratory cupcakes!