Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 7: Canadian Myths and Legends Ages 7-8

Week 7
Canadian Myths and Legends
Ages 7-8

Do you know of a Canadian myth or legend? 
Most kids thought of Bigfoot. They were very intrigued with the story of Ogopogo

The first book we read was "Sophie and the Sea Monster" by Don Gillmor and Michael Martchenko. This is a fun book with some cool looking monsters! It's quite humorous too, the kids got a good laugh out of this one. 

The second book we read was "The Great Antonio" by Elise Gravel. The children couldn't believe that Antonio was actually a real guy! They were very interested in this story!

The third book we read was "A Promise is a Promise" by Robert Munsch. This is a great book, it's a very intriguing story that kept the children very interested.

Ogopogo Clothes Pin 
Clothes pins, blue construction paper, googly eyes, pipecleaner, glue, and tape.
1. Cut out some waves out of construction paper 
2. Make a Sea monster with your pipe cleaner 
3. Glue a googly eye onto the pipe cleaner
4. Glue your monster onto the clothespin
5. Glue the waves in front of your monster to make it look like he's swimming!
Use your monster as a book mark or however you'd please!

Ogopogo, Ogopogo, Sasquatch 
How to play:
Played like "duck, duck, goose", but instead you say Sasquatch for the person you want to run against!
The kids had a lot of fun playing this game, however, by the end Ogopogo started to become a tongue twister!  

Handshake Monster
We ended the program with a game of handshake monster AKA handshake murder.

Someone is named the "Murderer." When someone is "Murderer," they go around and give a squeeze rather then a handshake. So while everyone else is giving handshakes, this person squeezes people's hands. Once someone's hand is squeezed, they "die." Eventually, someone can try to guess who the killer is. If they are right, they win. If they are wrong, then they die and the game goes on. 

Another variation is when whenever someone gets their hand squeezed, they are now the murderer, and the previous one "dies." In this version, you can make it so that after a murderer squeezes 2 people's hands they die or they have to give a normal handshake after they squeeze someone's hand before dying.

You can also play this game where everyone is sitting in a circle and the murderer winks at people. This version is a little harder because you need to make sure that the person sees you before you wink at them, and in large circles this can be a little hard.

As the game continues, you can add more and more murderers. But always have less murderers then non-murderers. This is a good game to just mess around with but keep the same idea going.