Thursday, August 17, 2017

Week 6: Canadian Sports Ages 2-6

Week 6 
Ages 2-6
Canadian Sports
Do you have a favorite game or activity that you like to play/do?
The first book we read was "Lucy Tries Soccer" by Lisa Bowes. This is a great series of books that demonstrates to children the importance of sportsmanship, and shows them all the different sports and activities that are available for them to try!

The second book we read was " Just One Goal!" by Robert Munsch. This is a great book with some funny characters in it! It shows true hockey passion! 

The first activity we did was red light, green light. I made it a bit more exciting by having the children show me their most silly face when I yelled red light. 
The second activity we did was What Time is it Mr.Wolf. I had children perform different forms of loco motion to go along with our sports theme. 
Our final activity was Simon Says. 

Baseball Man 
Small paper plates, glue, strips of colored construction paper (4 for each child), Googly eyes,
 and markers
1. Have children fold their strip of colored paper like a fan to make crazy arm and legs
2. Draw a smile and baseball stitches on the backside of the plate (the side you wouldn't eat on) 
3. Glue on some googly eyes and enjoy your creation!