Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Week 5: Canadian Food ages 7-8

Week 5
Ages: 7-8
Canadian Food
The first book we read was "More Pies!" by Robert Munsch. The kids really enjoyed this book (and it gave great inspiration for our craft). 

    The second book we read was  “Everyone Loves Bacon” by Kelly Dipucchio. The kids loved this book, it's quite funny (Canadian Ham even made an appearance).

The third book we read was "Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast" by Josh Funk, this is a fun rhyming book and great to read aloud. 

Battle of the Restaurants 
To play this game split children into two teams. Designate a middle line.Give each team some objects to have on their side (these are the ingredients). Each team is trying to get all the ingredients. Each team is safe on their own side. If a team is tagged on the opposing teams side they must freeze where they are tagged until a teammate comes to rescue them. To be rescued a teammate must walk them back to their home side (they have a free walk back). The first team to have all the ingredients wins.  

Saskatoon pie craft
Brown strips of construction paper, different colors of tissue paper, glue, paper plate

1.First crumple up assorted colors of tissue paper (whatever flavor you want your pie to be)

 2.Take the crumpled up tissue paper and glue it on to the plate,
continue gluing the tissue paper until the entire white of the plate is covered

3.Next take strips of brown construction paper to make the pie crust,
weave it to make a lattice like structure

4. Once weaved glue the crust onto the top of your pie, 
you may need quite a bit of glue for this step.