Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Week 4: Way Up North ages 9-12

Week 4
Way Up North 
Ages 9-12
We read some "Canadian Hauntings" to begin the program. Everyone enjoyed the stories, most participants were quite intrigued.
After that we read "The Polar Bear's Gift" by Jeanne Bushey. This was a really great story the kids enjoyed this fable!

Arctic Fox VS Puffins 
To play this game: Split participants into two equal teams, one side will be arctic fox, and the other will be puffins. Place balls (these will be the puffins eggs) on the puffins side. Designate a middle line that is each animal's "home" (each have their own side). If the foxes are tagged by a puffin before they can successfully steal an egg, they must freeze where they are until one of their teammates comes to rescue them. When being freed by a teammate foxes have a free walk back to their side. Time the game for 3 minutes. Once the time is up if the foxes have more eggs than puffins they win. *PUFFINS CANNOT STEAL BACK EGGS*. Have the teams switch animals when a new round begins. 

Northern Lights Sky Craft 
Materials: Dark colors of construction paper (dark blue, purple, green etc), Black construction paper, glue, white paint, paintbrushes, and chalk 
1. With chalk draw some northern lights on your colored paper
2. With a fine paint brush dot white stars onto your page
3. From black paper cut out silhouettes of either trees, mountains or a village
3. Once your paint is dry, glue your black paper onto the bottom of your colored page to create a northern lights scene.