Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Week 4: Way Up North ages 2-6

Week 4 
Way Up North 
Ages 2-6 
Can you think of some animals that live in the snow in Canada? 
I got an array of answers for this question the answers ranged from polar bears to giraffes. 
"Over in the Artic: Where the Cold Winds Blow" by Marianne Berkes. This was a fun rhyming book that showed the kids all the different animals that live in the arctic. 
The second book we read was "Baby Beluga" by Raffi. The kids enjoyed the song that goes along with book. There are some adorable pictures in the book of various arctic animals. 
The third book that we read was "Polar Bear Night" by Lauren Thompson 
The kids really enjoyed the pictures in this book, and of course the baby polar bear because who doesn't love an adorable polar bear cub?!

What time is it Mr.Whale? 
How to play: 
This is played like "What time is it Mr.Wolf ", however instead of just taking steps the children pretended that they were swimming in the ocean. They seemed to really enjoy this game, and some of them got really into swimming which was awesome to see. 

Baby Beluga Paper Bag 
Materials: Paper bag, markers, scrap paper, foam stickers, and elastic bands. 
1. Decorate your bag, be sure to put two eyes, and a smile on each side of the bag to make your whale! Decorate your whale however you please, draw spots, stripes, a rainbow be creative! 
2. Once you've finished decorating your whale, begin crumpling up your scrap paper and stuff it inside your whale bag. 
3. Once your whale is full of scrap paper, tie an elastic band on the end make a tail.