Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 3: Camping ages 7-8

Week 3
Camping Trip
What would be one thing that you would bring with you if you were to go camping?
      "Scaredy  Squirrel goes camping"  by Mélanie Watt this is a fast paced book with lots happening in every image!

        "The Sandcastle Contest" by Robert Munsch. This is a funny book about a boy who makes a realistic sandcastle while on a beach vacation with his family. 

Steal the Camping Supplies! 
The basic idea is that there are two teams, and three dividing lines (ie. two halves of a playing field). Put an equal amount of the objects behind both baselines.

Each team needs to aim to steal as many of the objects as possible, without getting caught.

To steal an object the player must successfully make it to the other teams baseline without being tagged. Once they are there they can steal 1 object and release 1 captive team-mate (if there are any).

If the player is tagged while on the other teams half of the playing field, they are caught and must wait at the oppositions baseline until they are rescued.

Hand print Fire
Materials: Red construction paper, Black contruction paper, chalk, glue,strips of brown construction paper, fiery colours of tissue paper, glue, and scissors.
1. I had the kids trace their hand on a red piece of construction paper
       2. After tracing their hand I had them cut it out and glue in onto the black paper
       3.After gluing their hand onto the black paper, I had the kids glue two strips of brown paper under the hand to resemble a fire.
      4. After gluing the logs on, I had them glue pieces of tissue paper onto the bottom of their hand to add dimension
    5. After the fire was complete the kids drew stars and moons on their black paper.
(I changed the Craft to work better for my group and the materials I had, you could definitely improvise for this craft) 


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