Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 2: Canadian Animals, Ages 7-8

Week 2
Canadian Animals
The first book we read was "This is a Moose" by Richard T. Morris 
The kids get a real kick out of this book, it's a funny book with lots happening.

The second book we read by Robert Munsch. "Moose!" got a lot of good feedback from the kids. Who doesn't love Robert Munsch?

    Canadian Goose (British Bulldog):
The bulldogs stand in the middle of the play area. All remaining players stand at one end of the area (home). The aim of the game is to run from one end of the field of play to the other, without being caught by the bulldogs. When a player is caught, they become a bulldog themselves.

Canadian Moose craft
This week for our craft, I gave each of the kids an 11x17 sheet of manila tag. I also gave them each a moose template to cutout.  First I had them draw a landscape on their paper, then I had them color their moose, cut out the pieces of the moose’s body and place it in the appropriate spot on their paper. This was a really fun craft, the kids seemed to enjoy the end result of their creation.