Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 1 Oh Canada! Ages 9-12

Week 1
      Ages 9-12  
Oh Canada! 

     What do you like most about Canada? Why is Canada so great?

After asking my opening question, I began the program by reading the kids some Canadian jokes, this was a great icebreaker as it allowed the kids to loosen up and have a good laugh.

Some Canadian jokes:
What did the mallard duck say to Canadian goose? You quack me up!
What does a pig use to clean the ice rink? A hamboni!
Knock knock. Who's there? Icy. Icy who? Icy you weren't expecting me. 


    The first game we played was Canadian charades. I gave each child a slip of paper and one at a time they acted out whatever word was on their piece of paper. I used different Canadian symbols like beaver, moose, goose, lumberjack, hockey etc...

        The second game we played was called fire and ice tag. To play this game you get two balls of different colors (I chose blue to represent ice, and pink to represent fire). The person that is holding the “ice” ball is it, the person who is holding the “fire” ball unfreezes people. I have the children perform different forms of locomotion while playing the game to add variety. I also have the children who are holding the ball to pass it to a friend every 2 minutes or so, so that no one feels left out. When a person is frozen I have them do different balancing poses, or funny faces to make the game that much more fun! There are so many variations you can do to this game it is so simple and easy, and the kids love this game.


         Collage of what Canada is to you
Materials: Manilla tag paper, various magazines and books, scissors, glue, and Canadian pictures.
  The children seemed to enjoy this activity; some of the images they created were cool to see. I think they loved the fact that they could create whatever they would like of what Canada is to them.
Snack: Apple, carrots, and cookies