Friday, July 28, 2017

Ages 7-8 Week 1: Oh Canada!

For week 1 we explored all things Canada!
The question I asked the children at the start of the class was: What is it that you think makes Canada so great?
I received some very good answers, most kids appreciate that in Canada we have lots of open space. Others appreciate the diversity that Canada has to offer.

We read two books. The first book we read was 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch.
The second book we read was C is for Canada by Mike Ulmer.
 After reading our stories we went outside and played the Canadian Symbol game to play the Canadian symbols game have the children run around. While they're running call out a Canadian Symbol. If a symbol is called participants must arrange themselves in a group to correlate with the symbol called. The symbols I used were:

Moose: Group of 1, children must place hands on head like moose antlers
Canoeing: Group of 3, children must sit on the ground in a line and pretend their in a canoe rowing
Mountie: Group of 2, children must find a partner, one partner pretends to be a horse, the other partner pretends to sit on their horse (make sure children are gentle when doing this)
Beaver Dam: Group of 5, all members must lift their arms and join in the center in an attempt to make a "beaver dam"
Sheep: Group of 1, children must get on all fours and walk around like a sheep