Thursday, July 28, 2016

TD Summer Reading Club Week 4: Ages 9-12

Week 4: Under the Sea 

This week I had the kids put on their scuba gear for an underwater adventure! We talked about the different types of fish you can find in the ocean like dolphins, whales, sharks and eels. We all decided that it would be so cool if we could breathe under water and play with all the different fishies (as long as they don't bite)! We also learned that lots of the fishes you find in the ocean can camouflage themselves using patterns such as stripes, spots, or splotches.
 Can you find the ones in the pictures below?


After they were done finding all the fish in the pictures we went outside to play a couple games! 

- Shark!
  •  Put hula hoops on the ground to serve as dens for all the "fish." One child gets to be the shark. When the shark calls, "Fishie, fishie, cross my ocean," the fish have to move to a different den. If, while out of a den, the shark tags them, they get to be sharks as well. The last remaining fish becomes the first shark next time
- Crab Walk Relay Race 
  • Before the program, mark two goal lines across from each other using string or masking tape. The goal lines should be fairly close together (i.e. no more than 20 feet apart).
1. Divide the children into two teams; one team is the "Blue Crabs" and the other is the "King Crabs."
2. Have half of each team line up behind the starting line and the other half line up behind the opposing line, then demonstrate the "crab walk" for them (i.e. walking on your hands and feet with your belly up).
3. To start, the first child on each team gets into position on the starting line.
4. When you say, "Go!" each child should crab walk to the opposing line and tag the next player on his or her team.
5. The next player then crab walks back to the start line, tags a teammate, and so on until one team's last player has crossed the line and won the game.

Then we played a quick game of tag before it was time to go inside and make our craft! 

For our craft today we made cupcake liner jellyfish! Here's how you can too:


  • Paper bowls (cut in half)
  • Cupcake liners
  • Scissors 
  • Paint 
  • Black sharpie 
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Hot glue 

  • Directions:

    1. Take the half of the bowl and punch a hole in the top of the arch.
    2. Have the kids decorate their half of a bowl with paint and bingo dotters. 
    3. While this is drying take some cupcake liners and flatten them, then proceed to start cutting them at the outside edge and spiral inwards. 
    4. Take the tentacles and hot glue them inside of the bowl. 
    5. Take a string and loop it through the hole then tie. 
    6. Draw a smiley face on the front of the bowl! :) 

    Get ready for next week as we learn about all the different things you can find in your garden!