Thursday, July 21, 2016

TD Summer Reading Club Week 3: Ages 9-12

Week 3: When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

This week we decided to go wayyy back in time to the prehistoric ages so we could visit the dinosaurs! I started off by asking the kids what they thought the coolest dinosaur was. Everyone decided that T-Rex's are awesome, but Brontosauruses were really cute too (and won't bite)! We also learned that the Brontosaurus was the largest dinosaur to roam the earth, and weighed between 25-50 tons! That's about as much as 17 elephants! 

First we started off with a fun game of British Dinosaur (Bulldog). It's simple, all you need to do is pick two people to be the dinosaur (or bulldog) and have them stand in the middle of the field. Then whenever they say "British Dinosaur" everybody has to run to the other side of the field without being tagged, and if you are tagged you have to join the other British Dinosaurs. Continue playing until everyone is out! 

Then we played a few rounds of "What Time is it Mr. Dinosaur?"

Afterwards, we went back inside to play one last game of Four Corners (dino version). Here's how you play:
- Pick someone to be "it". This person stands at the front with her back to the group. Designate 4 corners with a different dinosaurs and pictures. Start the kids at the center and have them find a corner to stand in, while “it” counts to 10. The "it" person, without looking, calls a dinosaur. Eliminate the players in the corner that was called out. These players sit down in the middle, where they started. Call out for them to pick a new corner. Repeat until only one player is left. This person is "it" next.

Then after everyone was tired out from playing, we went inside to do our craft, paper plate dinosaurs! It was the most popular craft I've done to date. The kids loved making all sorts of different dinosaurs. Here's how you can too:

  • Construction paper or colored cardstock 
  • Paper plate (cut in half)
  • Markers 
  • Bingo dotters 
  • Stapler 


1. Print off your dinosaur stencils (I will attach links for all of them below) onto your colored construction paper. 
2. Ask the kids to cut out their dinosaur stencils. 
3. Give them markers, bingo dotters, ect. and tell them to use those to decorate their plates and dinosaur cut outs however they'd like. 
4. When they're done decorating they can staple the dinosaur pieces on their plate (some help may be required for this part). 

The finished product! 

Don't forget to swing by next week because we'll be diving deep down into the depths of the ocean for Under the Sea week! See you then!