Friday, July 8, 2016

TD Summer Reading Club Week 1: Ages 7-8

Welcome to the TD Summer Reading Club of 2016! This year our overall theme is "WILD", so you can only imagine all the fun and laughs we're going to have into this summer! 
With 8 weeks of incredible and imaginative fun planned for the whole summer, there will never be a dull moment. There will also be contests and prizes running each week while we read and get "wild" all summer long!

Week 1: Welcome to the Jungle
For week 1 of our summer program, we visited the deepest depths of the jungle! We explored and learned about lots of new animals, like ocelots, marmosets and howler monkeys. Our question of the day was "If you could be any animal from the jungle, what would you be?" We had lots of great answers, ranging anywhere from sparkly pink cheetahs to flying tigers!

The first book we read was:
The Umbrella by Jan Brett 

In between stories I had the kids try to guess all the different animal tails:

The next book we read was:
Orangutanka by Margarita Engle 
After we finished the book the kids showed me their own orangudances! 

After this book I had the kids split into two separate teams. Then we raced to see who could match the pictures of animals and their footprints the fastest! Who knew monkeys had paw prints just like humans. 

The last book we read was:

After we were done our reading and games it was time for craft. This week we made our very own "Jungle Books". 

  • 3 different colors of construction paper
  •  Hole punch
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  •  Animal foam stickers/regular stickers
  •  Crayons


1.     Take your three pieces of construction paper and fold them in half. Punch 2 holes along the folded edges.

2.     Take a pair of scissors and cut two 5" long pieces of twine and use them to bind the books together.
3.     Take your stickers and crayons and go wild by making your very own Jungle Book story.

Next week our theme is BUGS! We will be discovering about all sorts of bugs, ranging from ants to butterflies and everything in between. 

Don't forget to bring in your reading logs to be entered to win the weekly prize!

See you next week!