Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Waiting in the Wings: Story Time Letter W

W is for water, whale, whisk, wear, won, wise, watermelon, wagon, warrior, and windsock!

For stories we read:

Waiting Is Not Easy! by Mo Willems

Waiting, by Kevin Henkes

Where Are You Bear?, by Frieda Wishinsky

I Wanna Iguana, by Karen Kaufman Orloff

Two Little Monkeys, by Mem Fox

Wake Up, Me! by Marni McGee

Where's the Poop? by Julia Markes

Good Night, World, by Willa Perlman

For our craft, we made windsocks!

- card-stock
- streamers
- glue
- markers
- pipe cleaners
- foam stickers
- stapler/staples

For our snack, we had some tasty apples! Next up: xylophones!