Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Salty Snakes! Story Time Letter S

S is for salty, smash, sock, sun, street, salamander, soar, sky, skip, and snake!

We read:

Are Eggs Square? Find out about shapes, and chickens, too.

Snail Trail, by Ruth Brown

The Secret Birthday Message, by Eric Carle

Something Special, by Terri Cohlene

Draw Me a Star, by Eric Carle

AlphaBETTER, by Dan Bar-el & Graham Ross

"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly" said the Sloth, by Eric Carle

Snog the Frog, by Tony Bonning

Our craft was slithery snakes!

Our snack was some scrumptious cucumbers! Next up, make sure to brush your teeth!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Story Time Letter R

R is for run, ride, race, red, rocks, razor, rice, ruckus, ripple, and rain!

For stories, we read:

My World of Color, by Margaret Wise Brown

The Very Noisy Bear, by Nick Bland

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

Rattletrap Car, by Phyllis Root

The Very Itchy Bear, by Nick Bland

Red Sled, by Lita Judge

Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs, by Nate Evans & Stephanie Gwyn Brown

The Very Cranky Bear, by Nick Bland

We sang:

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (a shortened version)

"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying's not for me
Cause I ain't gonna stop the rain by complaining
Because I'm free
Nothing's bothering me"


For our craft, we made raindrops!

For snack, we had some yummy cucumbers!

See you next time for slithery snakes!