Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fun, Fabulous Flowers: Story Time Letter F

F is for fix, fine, fantastic, fox, frail, flutter, funky, fungus, filibuster, fit, and flower!

For stories, we read:

There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me, by Alice Walker

A Flower in the Snow, by Tracey Corderoy & Sophie Allsopp

Bamboo & Friends: the Flower's Busy Day, by Felicia Law

The Flower Man, by Mark Ludy

My Flower, Your Flower, by Melanie Walsh

Flower Garden, by Eve Bunting

We guessed the names of some flowers:

We sang some songs:

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

5 Little Fishes 

5 little fishes swimming in the sea, 
Teasing Mr. Shark, "You can't catch me!" 
Along comes Mr. Shark, quiet as can be, 
And ... chomp! 

4 little fishes ... 3, 2, 1, until no little fishes are left. 

For our craft, we made a flower:

- Jumbo craft stick
- Cupcake liners
- Buttons
- Markers

- Turn one cupcake liner inside out. Place a drop of glue on the inside of one cupcake liner, then place the inside-out one inside it. This way you have colour front and back.
- Decorate your craft stick to be the stem of your flower.
- Place a drop of glue at the top of the stick, then attach your cupcake liners to it. Place a drop of glue inside the "flower", and attach a button to be the pollen.
- Voila, you have a flower!

For snack, we had some scrumptious apples!

Next week, we're getting messy and making some giraffes!