Monday, August 24, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 8 Ages 7-8

WEEK 8: Let's Play! 

For our last week at the Summer Reading Program we just had a party!! Since it was the last time seeing each other, the question of the day was "What has been the best part of summer?" It was really fantastic to hear all their responses and the kids loved listening to everyone's answers!

For the last day, I had a variety of 10 books all laid out and we all voted on which books to read! Unsurprisingly, the kids chose a lot of Robert Munsch books. 

The first book we read was:
 The second book we read was:
And the third book we read was:

After we read our books, we went outside to play some games!

The first game we played was Giant Jenga:

We played a couple different tag games, like Color Monster, Freeze Tag and Red Rover. Once the kids were all tuckered out from running around, we went inside to make our craft! 

Today we made a paperbag kite!

Materials List: 

  • paper lunch bag
  • colored streamers
  • string or yarn
  • crayons or markers
  • tape
  • scissors
Kite Making, Step 1
Step 1
Cut off the bottom of the bag. Have an adult help you with this.

Kite Making, Step 2
Step 2

Decorate the bag.
Kite Making, Step 3


Step 3
Attach colored streamers with tape on one end of the bag—three streamers are just right for kite tails.
Kite Making, Step 4

Step 4

Attach a length of string with tape on the opposite open end of the bag.

Girl Flying Kite
Step 5
Take it out in the breeze, or if there’s no breeze…run like the wind! 


We ran around outside and tested out our kites! 

 Then we sat in the sun, ate some watermelon and cupcakes and told jokes: a great end to the summer!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Reading Program, it was a fantastic summer and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!