Monday, August 24, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 8 Ages 2-6

WEEK 8: Let's Play! 

For our last week at the Summer Reading Program we just had a party!! Since it was the last time seeing each other, the question of the day was "What has been the best part of summer?" It was really fantastic to hear all their responses and the kids loved listening to everyone's answers!

The first book we read was:

This story was obviously one of the children's favourites! There was lots and lots of excitement when they found out that we were reading Pete the Cat.

GAME: The first game we played was twister on the carpet. Once we went through which arm and leg was right and which one was left, we were ready to begin. There were lots of twists and stretches happening and most every game ended up in a big pile of giggles.

The second book we read was:

I think the rest of the people in the library thought there was a zoo in the programming room, there was a lot of barking, mooing, meowing and oinking that happened while reading this story!

The last book we read was:

After reading this book, there was quite the heated debate on if it was actually a duck or a rabbit. I think that we settled on in was a hybrid of both.

Then we went outside to play with the best thing ever! THE PARACHUTE!! There was lots of laughter and smiles while we played with it.

We played some tag:

Then came inside for our craft which was a bird feeder:

-Egg Carton (Cut in half for each child)
-Hole Punch
-Bird Seed

1) Start by decorating your egg carton using the marker and stickers.
2) Thread the yarn through the four hole punched corners of the egg carton and gather them at the top in a knot.
3) Add the bird seed to your egg carton, hang on a tree and wait for the birds to come!

Then you can't have a party without having cupcakes, so we all sat down and enjoyed some cupcakes! A lot of the kids left with chocolate beards (and a couple with chocolate t-shirts) but it was a delicious end to the Summer Reading Program! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Reading Program, it was an incredible summer and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did :)