Friday, July 31, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 5 : Ages 2-6

Week 5: Play around the World
Week 5 of the reading program has come and gone and this week we traveled
around the world!

At the beginning of the program, I asked everyone to close their eyes and imagine their favourite place in the entire world, and then had them think about why it was their favourite place. We shared with the class and it was awesome to hear all the places they've been! A lot of kids said Disneyland because of the food and the rides and because, of course, it was the happiest place in the world! My favourite answer though was Home, because how fantastic is that?!

The first book we read was:

This book is about an emu who just wants to be the most popular animal at the zoo. He tries to become a seal, a lion and a snake but he realizes that the best thing he can be is himself: Edward the Emu!
GAME: We then played a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey! That was really fun, we twirled around with our eyes closed then tried to get the tail closest to the X as possible. 

 The next book we read was:

This was an awesome book that took you around the world to gather al lthe ingredients for an apple pie! 

GAME: We traveled to Greece for the next game we played called "Statues". Someone stands in the center of the room and closes their eyes, while the person's eyes are closed everyone else walks around the room. When the person opens their eyes everyone has to freeze like statues! 

The last book we read was:
 After we traveled to Venice with Olivia we learned how to say Hello in different languages!!
Here are all the ones we learned together:

Guten Tag-Germany
Ni Hao-Chinese

The craft for around the world theme was a chinese Dragon:
-cardstock (for backround and for scales, mouth, head and tail)
-Googly Eyes
-Markers for decoration
First glue your yarn on the paper in the shape of a "S" (or really any shape you like!) Then glue on your head, tail, tongue, eyes and your scales all along the yarn! 

Next week our theme is "Play with Magic" so be ready to become magicians!