Friday, July 24, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 4: Ages 9-12

Week 4: Play with Food!
This week was all about food, which made the kids very excited! The first thing we did was go around the circle and say all of our favourite foods.There were a lot of pizza, candy and ice cream as answers. 

The first game we played was Food Alphabet we sat in a circle and each of us had to say a food that started with every letter of the alphabet. It was always hard for the last on sitting in the circle because all the easy ones had already been said!

A: apple, asparagus, almonds.
B:banana, bread.
C: cabbage, cake, corn, cereal.
D: donuts.
E: eggs,eel.
F:fish, french toast,fig.
G: grapes, garlic, guacamole.
H:ham, honey, hot dogs.
I:Ice cream.
J: jam, jello.
K: kiwi, ketchup.
L:lettuce, lamb, lasagna.
M:meatballs, milk.
N:noodles, Nutella.
O: Orange.
P: pizza, pepper, pancakes.
Q: quinoa, quiche.
R: rice.
S: spaghetti, spinach.
T:Toast, tomato.
U: We couldn't think of anything!
V: vegetables.
W: waffles, watermelon.
X: We couldn't think of anything!
Y: Yogurt
Z: Zucchini.
Then we went outside for an egg toss (not with really eggs of course, that would a very big mess!) The most amount of steps that someone took was 20 steps back!

After our games we decorated some cookies for food week! We had chocolate and vanilla ice cream and four different kinds of sprinkles. 

For our craft today we did potato printing!
Here is what you need:

-pre-cut potatoes in various shapes (stars, hearts, squares, circles)
-piece of fabric
-various colors of paint

-with paintbrush, paint potato and then stamp onto fabric. It's as easy as that!!

Next week we are playing around the world, so bring your passports!!