Friday, July 24, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 4: Ages 2-6

Week 4: Play with Food! 

There was a lot of excitement this week when the kids found out this week was all about food! They loved talking about their favourite foods- which was our question of the day. The most popular favourite food was, of course, pizza and ice cream! 

The first thing we did before storytime was get all of our wiggles out: we wiggled our right arm, left arm, then our legs and then our entire body! When all of our wiggles were out, we started with the first story. 
The first story we read was:

The kids loved this story, and we talked about how many pies we thought we could eat before we turned green and passed out under the table! Some kids thought they could eat 7 pies..I'd like to see that!

The second book we read was:

We then played a game to see if we could say a food that started with each letter of the alphabet! Here was our list:
A: apple, asparagus, almonds.
B:banana, bread.
C: cabbage, cake, corn, cereal.
D: donuts.
E: eggs,eel.
F:fish, french toast,fig.
G: grapes, garlic, guacamole.
H:ham, honey, hot dogs.
I:Ice cream.
J: jam, jello.
K: kiwi, ketchup.
L:lettuce, lamb, lasagna.
M:meatballs, milk.
N:noodles, Nutella.
O: Orange.
P: pizza, pepper, pancakes.
Q: quinoa, quiche.
R: rice.
S: spaghetti, spinach.
T:Toast, tomato.
U: We couldn't think of anything!
V: vegetables.
W: waffles, watermelon.
X: We couldn't think of anything!
Y: Yogurt
Z: Zucchini.

The last book we read was:

The last thing we did before our craft was sing a song about pizza!
Five leftover pizza pieces From the night before,
Dad came and ate one, Gulp! Then there were four.

Four leftover pizza pieces One with pepperoni
Mom came and ate one. Gulp! Then there were three.

Three leftover pizza pieces, Cheese like sticky glue.
Brother came and ate one, Gulp! Then there were two.

Two leftover pizza pieces Not having any fun.
Sister came to take one, Gulp and then there was one.

One leftover pizza piece But I don’t wanna be a hog.
So I went and got it And shared it with the dog!

Our craft for today was play dough, this was a lot of fun!!
At first they just cut out shapes using cookie cutters but for the last 10 minutes of the program they made all their favourite foods our of play dough.