Monday, July 20, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 3: Ages 2-6

WEEK 3: Mini PanAm Games

To celebrate the kick off of the PanAm games this week in Toronto, we decided to have our own mini games at the library! To start off the program we had a discussion about all our favourite sports, we all went around and either acted out or said what our favourite sport was. There was swimming, curling, hockey, ringette and a lot of other sports!

The first story we read was: 

 This was a really fun stories about the different ways people move and groove, after we read the story we had a little dance party and all the kids showed me their favorite ways to wokka-wokka!

The second story we read was: 

The last story we read was:

Then, of course, since it was mini PanAm games week we had to play lots of games! So the first game we played was one called "Rainbow Room" and this is how you play:

All you need is a room filled with colorful objects and people, easy!
1. Everyone stands in a circle, except for one person that is chosen to stand in the middle.
2. The person in the middle gets to shout out the name of a colour. 
3. Everyone in the circle must then run and try to locate something that is the colour called.  
4. The first person to have the correct coloured object wins and now stands in the middle to start the game again.  

The next game we played was "What time is it Mr. Wolf?", which is super easy and a really fun way to get everyone moving!

Then it was time for our craft. Today we made our own medals!  We cut out pieces of tissue paper then glue them on to a cardboard circle. 

Next week our theme is "PLAY WITH FOOD" so make sure that you bring your appetite!