Monday, July 13, 2015

TD Summer Reading Program Week 2: Ages 9-12

Welcome back to the summer reading program! We had an absolutely super second week, because it was SUPERHERO WEEK! We had a blast talking about all of our favorite superheroes. Our question to start the day was "What are some words to describe Superheroes?" We talked about how superheroes are strong, brave, fast, kind, happy and how they always save the day! 

To start off our Superhero day we had an obstacle course. The kids had to do 15 jumping jacks, hop over 5 pool noodles, climb under a chair, toss a bean bag into a pot, then had an egg spoon race back to the beginning. The kids were split into two teams so we had a competition to see which side could finish first! 

Our second game of  the day was a kryptonite hunt. Hidden all around the outside of the library and through the trees were little balls of Kryptonite, we had to go on a hunt to see who could find the most. But just like Superman, we couldn't touch the Kryptonite, so the kids had to figure out a way to bring it back to the doors without using their hands. They used their elbows, feet, sweaters and even their teeth. 

The last thing we did for the day was an activity, craft and snack all rolled into one! The kids were split up into four different groups and sat at a specific superhero table; we had a Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Captain America table. First off we decorated brown paper bags with markers, stickers, foam and glitter glue. Then we play a trivia game, I asked different trivia questions on superheroes and the table who got the answer right could come up and fill their treat back with different snacks! We had honey nut cheerios, chocolate chips, pretzels, goldfish crackers and marshmallows. 
Here are just some of the trivia questions I asked:

1. The Incredible Hulk was initially what color? (B)
 A. Green
 B. Gray
 C. Red
 D. Navy Blue

2. Who was the most popular superhero of the 1940s? (A)
 A. Captain Marvel
 B. Superman
 C. Batman
 D. Buck Rogers

3. What is Wonder Woman's secret identity? (C)
 A. Wendy Wallace
 B. Paula Pratt
 C. Diana Prince
 D. Caroline Gold

4. Which is not a member of the Fantastic Four - Iceman, Invisible Woman or The Thing? (Iceman)

5. Which of these is not a regular Spider-man villain - Green Goblin, Chameleon or Insecticide? (Insecticide)

6. What gives Superman his powers?
The Earth's Yellow Sun - Superman is so powerful that he can fly against the spin of the earth to reverse time.

7. Who is the secret identity of the green lantern? (Hal Jordan)

8.What is NOT a superpower that Superman had, pre-1986? (D)
X-Ray Vision
Super Speed
Super Strength
Could see through lead

9.Who has portrayed Batman on screen? (c)
George Jones
Michael Douglas
Michael Keaton
Christopher Reeve

10. What was the occupation of The Flash? (a)
Police Scientist
Research Scientist
Molecular Scientist
Police Officer

Since the PanAm games are happening in Toronto next week, join us for our own mini-PanAm Games at the library!! 

Don't forget to bring your reading logs to every program so we can keep track of your reading. See you next week!