Monday, July 6, 2015

TD Summer Reading Club Week 1: Ages 2-3

Welcome to the TD Summer Reading Club! This year our overall theme is "PLAY" so can you just imagine how much fun we are going to have this summer? There will be 8 weeks of fantastic reading programs throughout the summer and ending just before school starts, it is an amazing way to keep up your reading for the entire summer! There are contests and prizes each week so we can read and play all summer long. 

WEEK 1: Play with your imagination
For week 1 of our reading program we played with our imagination. We allowed our minds to wander off and dream of anything we wanted to! Our question of the day was : What is your favourite thing to imagine?  And there was some brilliant answers! Everything from riding on a unicorn across a rainbow to building the biggest and best Lego city. 

The first book we read was:

We played a mystery bag game in between stories to test our imaginations! I put texturally weird things (cotton balls, paper clips, marshmallows, pipe cleaners and pompoms ) in brown paper bags. Place the bags in a row on a table and have the kids reach inside them, assembly-line style, to guess what they're touching.

The next game we played was  "guess the animal" I held up zoomed in pictures of animal's tails and the kids had to see if they could guess what animal was attached to the tails. Here are the pictures we looked at: 
Our craft for the imagination week was a crown and wand! 
  • Foam cut out into stars
  • Crayons, colored pencils or any water-based paint
  • Wooden dowel
  • Glitter glue
  • White glue or tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape
  • Curly Ribbons
  • Rhinestones, sequins, plastic gems, other decorative materials 
1) Cut out two stars from the foam.
2) Paint or colour your wooden dowel.
3)Decorate your star using stickers and markers.
4) Choose some ribbon and hot glue your ribbon in between your two foam stars so that it all sticks together.
5) Flick your wand three times and make a wish!
  • Bulletin Board Trim
  • Stickers, Gems, decorative material
  • Stapler, Scissors
  • Markers
1) Wrap bulletin board trim around head and mark size.
2)Cut excess trim and staple the trim in circle.
3) Decorate your crown with markers and stickers
4) Wear your crown everywhere!

Next week our theme will be SUPERHEROES!! We will be having an entire program playing with all the heroes and villains that we know.
Make sure to keep bringing in your reading logs so you can enter to win the weekly prize.
See you next week!