Friday, April 24, 2015

Train Travels and Twisted Tales!

T is for teddy, tasty, telephone, time, top, tough, tread, turtle, twister, Tonka truck, triangle, and train!

We had a terrific story time with tricky letter T!

We played Twister on the coloured story time mat!


We read:

Two Tough Teddies, by Kilmeny Niland

"When two teddies, Tilly and Gruffy, are abandoned in a box of unwanted toys, they decide to face the world and find someone else to love them. They practice being loud so that they will be noticed, but they only frighten away some cats. They practice being brave and bold, but they scare away a dog. Then, just at the point of giving up, a little girl discovers them and takes them home." - Little Hare Books

All Aboard the Dinotrain, by Deb Lund

"They stoke the boiler, stow the luggage, and when hills are steep, they even get out and push. That's right, the thrill-seeking daredevil dinosaurs from Dinosailors are back, and now they're riding a train. But this train is more like a roller coaster--up, down, and faster and faster, until the dinos realize the brakes are out!

Laughs and thrills abound in this rip-snorting tale of reckless reptiles and their runaway train." - HMH Books for Young Readers

Tap to Play! by Salina Yoon 

"In this interactive video-game-inspired picture book perfect for fans of Press Here and Tap the Magic Tree, Blip needs to reach the bar to win his game—but he needs the reader’s help. If he wins, he gets a surprise!
Tap, tickle, and shake Blip.
Tilt, turn, and bounce Blip.
Help Blip win the game in this spirited interactive book, perfect for reading—and playing—again and again!" - Balzer and Bray

Too Much Stuff! by Robert Munsch

"In 2003 I was on a flight from Toronto to Edmonton. Across from me was a mother with a 5 or 6 year old daughter. The daughter opened her backpack and proceeded to unpack an army of dolls. She put them on her seat, she attached them to the seat in front of her and even had them attached to the roof with tape.
Clearly a story waiting to be written.
I decided to write it.
So I got out a tablet and wrote down TOO MUCH STUFF pretty much as it was published except that it was called DOLLS and the little girl was just “little girl” because I did not know her name. When I was done I asked the mother if the “little girl” would like to hear a story about her dolls.
The little girl turned out to be Temina Girod from Cold Lake, so the name of the story changed to TEMINA’S DOLLS.
When I decided to publish it in 2010, we changed the name from TEMINA’S DOLLS to TO MUCH STUFF because Scholastic was afraid that a book that had ‘DOLLS’ in the title might not sell to boys.
The other big change in the story was dropping soldiers at the x-ray machine. I had this idea for an illustration with Temina and her dolls being confronted by soldiers with guns. That idea did not survive the initial editing session.
And when I wanted to publish, I could not find Temina. We finally found her in Germany!
And once the book was out, I ran into a lady at the mall who came up to me and said “TOO MUCH STUFF is perfect for me because I have too much stuff. I did not think of it as an adult book, but maybe it is." - Robert Munsch

Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! by George Shannon

There is a big grumpy dog blocking the way to the garden! What can Hen and her three chicks do? The sweet itty-bitty beans and potato bugs (this family's favorite treat) are in the garden. And Hen and her chicks are Hungry!
Hen, Big Chick, and Middle Chick are no match for Dog. And Little Chick? Well, Little Chick is too little. Or is she?
When you are small, you can also be brave and fast and resourceful, and -- as Little Chick discovers -- sometimes your family depends on you!" - Greenwillow Books

Tiny's Big Adventure, by Martin Waddell

Tiny sees things he has never seen before when his sister Katy Mouse takes him up the knobbly tree, along the top bar of the gate and to the corn field for the first time. There are snails, spiders, rabbits, pheasants, an old boot - and even a tractor." - Walker Books Ltd.

After stories we did a train ride throughout the Library! Sometimes Miss Corrie was the leader, sometimes the kids led the train! What a blast!

We created some Twisted Tales!

"I was fishing in a pond when I caught a fish. It bit my fish hook on the rod and got away. I went to see my mom and grandma and they said I had a fish, My dad said we needed a bowl, so mom went to buy one at Wal-Mart. I ate some mixed up hot dogs while we waited. After, I made mixed up sandwiches with my mom." - Monday 4s and 5s group

"Once upon a time there was a puppy who lived in a shoe. He was as tall as a tree and smelled like watermelon. He wore a hat on his head and rubber boots on his feet. He hopped with his feet and smiled like a little guy. His name was Zeus, but we always called him Zeusy Pooch. He liked to play balls and toys." - Tuesday 2s and 3s group

 "At the park I saw a train wearing a green coat. He told me he was from a garden and had 8 sisters and 5 brothers. He liked standing on his choo-choo and chewing corn. We drove a train and raced to the park. When we got there we ate cookies with pickled mustard. It was so hot. Then we had a nap by the park with an apple named Frank." - Wednesday 2s and 3s group

"When I was 5 years old I saw a swan by the dinosaur. I said hello and asked if she wanted to play. We went to the park and played with the slide for 15 hours. After, we ate Sheppard's pie for supper and watched a t-rex hop across the lawn. At night we camped in the car and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. It was so delicious." - Thursday 2s and 3s group

"When I lived by the ocean I met a swimming turtle named Bob. He was as tall as a big turtle and smelled like fish. He liked to drive a car wearing a big hat and a pink shoe. His favourite food was turtles and he drank it with coconut. My mom thought he was crazy." - Friday 2s and 3s group

"I went swimming with a dog when I saw a kid named Brenna. It looked like a elephant with blonde hair. It lived by the giraffe and walked like a dog. I shared some spaghetti and we went to play at outside. We raced on trucks for 5 hours. For lunch we ate leaves with pasta. Then we went to the store to have a hot dog." - Friday 4s and 5s group
We sang: 

I've Been Working on the Railroad

I'm a Little Teapot

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

For our craft, we made Trains using the letters of our names.

For snack, we ate tasty raspberries!

Next week we're doing some Underwater activities for Unusual letter U!