Wednesday, December 17, 2014

H is for Hands!

H is for Hello, Hopscotch, Hunt, Hanukkah, Halo, Hippopotamus, Harp, Hungry, Hankering, and Hands!

We read:

Let's look at hands, by Sheilagh Noble

"This brightly illustrated, engaging series presents both human and animal bodies, prompting children to compare and contrast them. Each page spread features children examining the animals' "hands and feet" and comparing them with their own, encouraging them to think about how their own bodies work and how animals' bodies are modified and equipped to help them survive in their natural habitat. Kids learn how a camel has special toes for walking on sand, how a seal uses its flippers to swim, and why moles have special paws-to hunt and shovel. The skills and diversity of all living creatures are celebrated." - Zero to Ten Children's Books

We sang: Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Five green and speckled frogs,
Sat on a speckled log,
Eating some most delicious bugs,
Yum, yum!
One jumped into the pool,
Where it was nice and cool.
Now there's only four green speckled frogs!

Four, three, two, one, and none! 

We read:

If You're Happy and You Know It!, by Jan Ormerod

"Here's a new take on the popular song known to every child. In this version, a collection of animals put their own twist on the words. A new version that stresses individuality and won't fail to amuse every child." - Star Bright Books

For our craft, we made palm trees!