Wednesday, August 27, 2014

TD Summer Reading Club Week 7: Ages 9-12

WEEK 7: We are Inventors!
So the last week of the TD Summer Reading Program has come and gone. I hope that these last 7 weeks has been as fun for you as they have been for me! We have had so many “Eureka!” moments this summer and discovered a lot of new things. We have talked about everything from gardening to mystery and oceans to space!

For the last week of the reading club our theme was We are Inventors!  Instead of talking about other people’s discoveries, I wanted everyone to find their own creativity and have a Eureka moment themselves.

We started to discuss all the different inventions in the world, like when you wake up in the morning it’s dark in your room so you turn on a light switch to make it bright. We talked about how they all go to the library, if it was by car, then they rode in an invention! 

The first thing we did was play outside with a huge parachute! We played lots of fun games including cat and mouse, shark attack and of course the mushroom! It was fun to run around outside for a while instead of always being inside!
Then we came inside and invented our own tinfoil boat. Here is what we did!
  • Tin foil
  • Bowl
  • Scissors
  • Pennies
  • Water
  1. Cut a piece of tin foil 5 x 6 inches.
  2. Fold up the sides of the boat so it will not sink and hold a cargo of pennies.
  3. Place the boat in the bowl of water. Begin adding pennies for the boat's cargo.
  4. See how many pennies your boat can carry before it sinks.
  5. Have some friends over and try this experiment with them. See which one of you can create the boat that will carry the greatest amount of cargo.
  6. Be sure to dry the pennies before you begin adding them as cargo because remember water has weight!
  7. Have the person who created the boat begin adding pennies to their boat while another person counts the number of pennies as they are added to the boat.
  8. Try different ways to distribute the weight of the pennies on your barge so you can carry the maximum number. Tinfoil Boat Directions
We then came and worked on our flying airplanes, I printed off directions but a few tried their own designs which were great!!

Then we made marshmallow robots, we had toothpicks and colorful marshmallows. We didn’t start off with our robots; we started out with inventing buildings! I gave the kids 2 minutes to build the best building they could! After they finished the building we moved onto the robots! I loved how many different variations of robots we saw!!  

We had a little end of the summer celebration and we ate cupcakes and talked about everything we were excited about for the next year! 

The most exciting thing that we did was eat the tomatoes off the plant that we planted 7 weeks ago at the very first reading program!! How cool is that?!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s reading program, I hope to see all your wonderful smiling faces next summer!