Friday, August 22, 2014

TD Summer Reading Club Week 7: Ages 2-6

WEEK 7: We are Inventors!
So the last week of the TD Summer Reading Program has come and
gone. I hope that these last 7 weeks has been as fun for you as they have been for me! We have had so many “Eureka!” moments this summer and discovered a lot of new things. We have talked about everything from gardening to mystery and oceans to space!

For the last week of the reading club our theme was We are Inventors!  Instead of talking about other people’s discoveries, I wanted everyone to find their own creativity and have a Eureka moment themselves. 

We started to discuss all the different inventions in the world, like when you wake up in the morning it’s dark in your room so you turn on a light switch to make it bright. We talked about how they all go to the library, if it was by car, then they rode in an invention!

The first book we read was:
For our first activity we got creative with dancing! We had a little dance party, everyone had a turn dancing around and to show the other kids what their best dance move was! There were some awesome dancers in the group.

The second book we read was:

The next game we played was a game of “What time is it Mr. Robot?” we had lots of fun running back and forth in the programming room and we worked on our counting as well!!

The last book we read was:

Then we went over to the craft table and had some fun with play dough, since it is an invention week the kids could invent anything that they want!! There was everything from hot dogs to snowmen, everyone was really creative!

Since it was the last week of the program we had a little cupcake party and everyone chowed down on some yummy cupcakes. Things got a little messy but, hey, it was a party!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s reading program, I hope to see all your wonderful smiling faces next summer!