Friday, August 15, 2014

TD Summer Reading Club Week 6: Ages 7 and 8

Week 6: Down in the deep blue sea
Today we discussed the ocean! At the very beginning I asked everyone to name all the different animals they could think of that lived in the ocean. They said: starfish, shark, jellyfish octopus and so much more! We then took turns and said our favorite animal, there were a lot of dauphins and sharks.

As a little bit of a warm up, I showed them pictures of underwater animals in camouflage and they tried to guess where it was! Here are the pictures we looked at!

We moved right onto our first book which was:
Game: Hot Beach Ball

This is a variation of the game Hot Potato. You will need a beach ball to serve as your “potato.”
1.       Have everyone sit in a circle leaving a bit of space between each person.
2.       Play beach-y music. One suggestion is “Surfin’ Safari” by The Beach Boys, or any Beach Boys song.
3.       While the music is playing the children toss the beach ball around the circle to each other.
4.       Periodically stop the music.
5.       The person who is holding the beach ball when the music has stopped is out and has to stand on the outside of the circle.
6.       The winner is the last person sitting in the circle.

The Second book we read was:

Memory Game – I’m Going to the Beach

1.            Have the children sit in a circle.
2.            Going around the circle each person begins a sentence “I’m going to the beach and I’m going to bring…”
3.            They list something that they would need to bring to the beach, e.g. sunscreen.
4.            The next person then has to list what the previous children are bringing and add one item to the list.
5.            As you go around the circle the children have to remember more and more items. 

The last book we read was:

Then we all swam over to our craft chairs and worked on our turtles! For this craft you need:
A plastic or paper bowl
Cut up pieces of tissue paper
Googly eyes
Green paper for the head and legs

Next week is the last week of the TD Summer Reading Program! And next week We are Inventors, it will be the time to share all your brilliant ideas and creations.

Don’t forget to bring in your reading notebook next time, with all your readings from the past week so you can enter into the weekly prize. The prize will be drawn Friday at 4:00!