Friday, July 18, 2014

TD Summer Reading Week 2: Ages 9-12

March to the Beat of your own drum: Week 2

This week was Music Week! We started off our program with a discussion about all the different instruments that we could think of, we talked about what instruments we played now and what our dream musical instruments would be.

The first activity we did was to go outside and play some rhythms on ice cream pails! We all sat in the beautiful weather in a circle and we played a "Pass the beat" game. It's like a musical game of telephone, one person starts with a simple beat and then we go around the circle adding onto in every time! It was really difficult for the last person it the circle who had to play all the rhythms!

We came inside and to make our craft, which was a shaker/tambourine!
 We took two paper plates and decorated them with markers and stickers. Then we stapled them together, filled them with beads and put a ribbon around the outside!

The next activity we did was music note cookie decorating! 
Our cookies definitely did not look like this, ours had much MUCH more icing on them :)

The children were all very happy with their new noise makers and their "plenty of icing" cookies and the programming room was nice a loud for this week!
Next week is going to be an Out of This World Adventure! Come join as we explore space, rockets and astronauts.
Don’t forget to bring in your reading notebook next time, with all your readings from the past week so you can enter into the weekly prize. The prize will be drawn Friday at 4:00!