Friday, July 11, 2014

TD Summer Reading Club Week 1: Ages 9-12


This week we discovered gardening, so we talked all about the garden we and our parents have and how much work it is to weed it and make sure that it’s a happy healthy garden so that it grows plenty of food so we can eat it!
We started off the day outside (in the blazing 28 degree weather) and we played an energetic game of seed, seed, grow (duck, duck, goose). After a couple rounds we all started to slow down so we came inside and re-energized ourselves with some grape caterpillars.



We worked on our little grass headed men for our craft and then right after we headed outside and planted a tomato plant together!

 We are going to continue to water in throughout the summer and hopefully by the end we will be able to enjoy some plump and juicy tomatoes!
We played a very fun game of Simon says and it was very difficult to get all the kids out. They are some very smart cookies!
To end off the program we sat in a circle and made up a story together, each of us saying only one word to create the story! I think the end result was a dinosaur named Bob who lived with his pet sucker- Bob Jr. and they ate cream cheese every day. Interesting!
Next week we will be exploring the land of music! Our theme is March to the beat of your own drum.

Don’t forget to bring in your reading notebook next time, with all your readings from the past week so you can enter into the weekly prize. The prize will be drawn Friday at 4:00!