Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Reading Program

TD Summer Reading Club.

Life's a beach at the Sylvan Lake Library this summer.
Six weeks of reading fun and weekly prize draws.
Reel in a good read at the library this summer.

This program is open to children and adults alike.
Registration began on June 1st and continues
all month long.

Reading Kits can be picked up after the
Beach Party Scavenger Hunt
on Wednesday, July 6, 1-2 pm.

Call 403-887-2130 for more details.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic     Saturday June 4, 1-2 pm

Crafts:  Teddy Bear Bag, Teddy Bear die cut, Teddy Bear Bookmark

Teddy Bear Picnic - teddy snack mix and orange juice and Pick a Bear to go home with you.

Games, finger plays and stories.

 Finger plays and songs:
5 Little Bears (finger play):
5 little bears were dancing on the floor one fell down and that left 4.
4 little bears climbed up a tree, one found a bee hive that left 3.
3 little bears were wondering what to do, one chased a bunny rabbit that left 2.
2 little bears were looking for some fun, one took a swim that left 1.
1 little bear sitting all alone he looked all around then ran home.

Pooh Bear's Stoutness Exercise:
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear turn around.
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear touch the ground.
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear reach up high.
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear touch the sky.
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear bend down low.
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear touch your toe.

Mr. Bear Are You Sleeping?:
One child is the bear and they go a short distance away from the larger group. This child lays down or sits down and closes their eyes and pretends to be asleep. The large group holds hands and says quietly "Mr. Bear are you Sleeping" The bear continues to sleep. The large group gets a little closer and asks the question again softly. This continues until the large group gets up to the sleeping bear. When they are real close they ask the question very loudly. "MR. BEAR ARE YOU SLEEPING?" The bear then roars and tries to grab the children who woke him from his sleep and the children run away screaming in excitement. The children then take turns being the bear.

What time is it Mr. Bear? 
This is a fun game to play outside. You can change the name to suit any theme. The children all line up against a wall or fence. And one child, (Mr. Bear) or the teacher faces away from the children, a good distance away from the children. The children yell, what time is it "Mr. Bear", Mr. Bear answers 1 o'clock, and the children all take one step toward Mr. Bear. The children yell again, what time is it "Mr. Bear", Mr. Bear answers (fill in the blank) o'clock, and the children all take same number of step toward Mr. Bear. This continues until all the children are very close to Mr. Bear then Mr. Bear will answer it's midnight, and Mr. Bear chases the children back to the fence or wall that they started at. The first person Mr. Bear touches will be the new Mr. Bear