Friday, January 28, 2011

Winterfest Movie Marathon

Come in from the cold

and enjoy some wintery movies,

hot chocolate and popcorn

Saturday, February 19




45 minutes
Music: Tom T. Hall  "Country Songs for Children"

1.                   Storytime – “Welcome Song” and “Storytime is Starting” Song

2.                   Read first story "Oww!", "Piggy Pie Po", "Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!" or "Three Little Pigs and the Wolf Who Came to Dinner"

3.                   Poem: This Little Piggy
This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beef
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy cried  Wee, wee, wee, All the way home. (wiggle each finger starting with the thumb)
Fingerplay: Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee
Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee [Put pig finger puppets on thumbs or Have those without finger puppets just use thumbs.]
Hungry pigs as pigs can be
For their dinner had to wait
Down behind the garden gate [Bring fingers on both hands together hiding pigs.]
Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee
Climbed the barnyard gate to see. [Bring pigs up over fingers.]
Peeking through the gate so high
But no dinner did they spy spy, [Say in sad voice.]
Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee got back down
Sad as pigs can be,
But the gate soon opened wide
And they scampered forth outside outside. [Hands swing apart, as pigs run forward.]
Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee,
Greedy pigs as pigs can be
For their dinner ran pell-mell
And in the trough both piggies fell. [Make trough with hands, pigs fall in.]
4.                   Read second story "Piggies", "Pigs Love Potatoes" or "Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?"

5.                   Action Poem: Two Mother Pigs
Two mother pigs lived in a pen  [Show thumbs.]
Each had four babies, and that made ten [Show fingers and thumbs.]
These four babies were black as night [Hold up hand, extend fingers, thumb in palm.]
These four babies were black and white [Hold up other hand, thumb in palm.]
But all eight babies loved to play And they rolled and rolled in the mud all day. [Roll hands.]
At night, with their mother, they curled up in a heap,  [Make fists, palms up.]
And squealed and squealed till they went to sleep.

Song: PIGS IN THE MUD Tune:  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
Roll, roll, roll around In the mud all day.
That is what the pigs all do. What a way to play!
Roll, roll, roll around That is how they stay,
Oh, so very nice and cool On a sunny day!

6.                   Craft:      Pig Picture
Materials: copy of pig, markers, scissors, glue.



"Princess and the Frog"

"Princess of Thieves"

"Princess Diaries"

Saturday, February 5


Friday, January 21, 2011


45 minutes
1.                   Storytime – “Welcome Song” and “Storytime is Starting” Song

2.                   Read first story "Hug", "Splash!", "Nobody Laughs at a Lion" or "Who is the Beast"

3.                   Poem: Eeny, meeny, miney, mo
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo (point to each finger)
Catch a tiger by the toe (catch a finger following the rhyme)
When he hollers let him go (let go of finger)
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo 

Fingerplay: Itsy bitsy Monkey
The itsy bitsy monkey climbed up the coconut tree (have hands climb)
Down came a coconut that bopped him on the knee (drop fist from over head to hit on the knee)
Along came his Mama, who kissed away the pain (kiss your fist)
Then the itsy bitsy monkey climbed up the tree again (climb hands again stretch as high as can reach) 

4.                  Read second story "Potty", "Watch Out! Big Bro's Coming!", "Jungle Bullies", "Jungle Party"  or "Nobody Laughs as a Lion!"

5.                  Action Poem: Jungle Animals
This is the way the elephant goes (clasp hands together , extend arms, move back and forth)
With a curly trunk instead of a nose
The rhino all hairy and fat
Has a sharp horn in place of a hat
The hippo with his mouth so wide-
Let's see what's inside (hands together and open wide and close them)
The wiggly snake upon the ground
Crawls along without a sound (weave hands back and forth)
But monkey see monkey do
is the funniest animal I ever knew! (place thumbs in ears and wiggle fingers)

6.                  Craft:      Hippo Puppet
Materials: paper bags, hippo head and body, markers, glue, scissors
Colour then cut out hippo body and head, glue to paper bag.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Literacy Day: Play!

Family Literacy Day: Play! 

On January 27, 2011 Canadian families from coast to coast will Play for Literacy in support of Family Literacy Day which encourages parents and children to spend at least 15 minutes enjoying a learning activity every day. The Sylvan Lake Municipal Library will be participating in Play! for Literacy and invites families to come out and Play! at the Library on Thursday the 27th of January from 1-2 pm as we support Family Literacy Day

The Sylvan Lake Library is planning a plethora of board games, card games, puzzles, guest storytellers, and refreshments from 1-2 pm on Thursday January 27th. We are also hosting a prize draw for Literacy Bingo, courtesy of The Henday Association. Come in as soon as possible to get your bingo card and complete the activities so you’re eligible for the prize draw. 

Play for Literacy can include all types of play that encourages literacy and numeracy development as well as comprehension skills, such as board games, card games and imaginative self-created activities and games. Games, and the carefree act of playing, provide a fun outlet in which individuals of all ages can engage in activities that inherently provide new learning or opportunities to improve one's reading, writing, math and comprehension skills. 
"Playing games not only has the ability to bring people together, it also provides a fun environment in which learning takes place," explains Margaret Eaton, ABC Life Literacy Canada President. "Card games help improve numeracy skills while board games, and even word association games, sharpen spelling, reading and comprehension skills. The reality that learning can take place while laughing and being engaged together as family is important to remember as we continue to be challenged in our day-to-day lives."

 Family Literacy Day, held annually on January 27, was developed by ABC Life Literacy Canada (formerly ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation) in 1999 to celebrate adults and children reading and learning together, and to encourage Canadian families to spend at least 15 minutes a day enjoying a learning activity together. Visit to find a local event or to access resources to create your own celebration. 

Friday, January 14, 2011


45 minutes
Music: Buckwheat Zydeco "Choo Choo Boogaloo"

 1.                  Storytime – “Welcome Song” and “Storytime is Starting” Song

2.                  Read first story "Zoe's Snowy Day", "The Snowy Day", "In the Snow", "Tiger in the Snowor "There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!"

3.                  Poem: The Chubby Snowman 
A chubby little snowman 
Had a carrot nose. 
Along came a bunny, 
And what do you suppose? That hungry little bunny, 
Looking for his lunch, 
Ate that snowman's carrot 
Nibble, nibble, crunch

Fingerplay: The Snowman
Roll him and roll him until he is big [Roll hands.]
Roll him until he is fat as a pig. [Make big circle with arms.]
He has two eyes and a hat on his head. [Point to eyes and top of head.]
He'll stand there all night [Raise arms above head.]
While we go to bed. [Rest head against hands.]

 4.              Read second story"The Snow Bear", "Stella Queen of the Snow", "The Three Snow Bearsor "Snowball Fight!"

5.                  Action Poem: I Am a Snowman
I am a snowman, cold and white [Stand up tall.] 
I stand so still through all the night 
With a carrot nose [Point to nose.] And head held high, 
And a lump of coal to make each eye. [Point to eyes.] 
I have a muffler made of red, [Pretend to tie a muffler.] 
And a stovepipe hat upon my head [Place hands on top of head.] 
The sun is coming out, oh my! [Make big circle with arms over head.] 
I think that I am going to cry. [Wipe tear from eyes.] 
Yesterday, I was plump and round. [Form large circle with arms.] 
Now, I'm just a river on the ground! [Sink to floor.]

6.                  Craft:      Marshmallow Snowmen
Materials: marshmallows, toothpicks, water, cupcake decorations.   
Create a snowman with three marshmallows held together with a toothpick, use a broken in half toothpick for the arms. Wet the marshmallows and stick on a face and buttons using the cupcake decorations.      

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Storytime Session has started!!

The new sessions of Storytime have started. They run Tuesday to Friday mornings @ 10:15-11:00 for the 2 and 3 year olds and Fridays from 1:15-2pm for the 4 and 5 year olds. Call or come in to register for these free programs.

GASP (Great After School Program) is starting again too, back from its holiday. It runs Wednesdays from 4-5pm for the 7-12 year olds. This is also a free program for children. Drop in for computer games, snacks and fun.